Al Trieste Film Festival!

Una donna indossa un visore, tratto dal sito del Trieste Film Festival

Il 27 gennaio dalle 17 sarò in diretta al Trieste Film Festival per parlare di H.o.m. e di Realtà Virtuale.

“Girolamo Da Schio took part in the Hackathon organised by Trieste Film Festival in 2018. Recently, he announced his new project H.O.M, a work which is, in some ways, linked to his first Italian hackathon in VR.

Six appointments with VR, coordinated by Antonio Giacomin, will bring you creative and expert online meetings. This year the festival will focus on the experiences created in this “anomalous” context, with some live streamed meetings with creatives who are exploring the new expressive, technological and creative modes of immersive media.

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